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Mrs Funnybones - Twinkle Khanna

I’m back from a much deserved holiday and I think it’s about time that I shared with you a light-hearted, easy read! A lot of you who know me are quite familiar with my tendency to burst into a fit of laughter as I often seek humour in everyday life. Did I just hear you mouthing ‘defence mechanism’?  Ok, will pretend I didn’t hear that! So yes, humour…this is what Twinkle Khanna  experiments with in ‘Mrs Funnybones’ which is a collection of her observations about life as a modern Indian woman.
I am an avid follower of her column by the same name that appears in a national newspaper so when I came across this book, I was quite pleased! Khanna’s writing is refreshing and unassuming. The manner in which she narrates her experiences revolving around the various roles she plays as daughter, wife, mother etc. are so relatable that one is bound to laugh out loud at opportune moments (disclaimer – read at own risk in London’s super serious tube!).
The chapters in the book are organised in a cr…

Land Where I Flee - Prajwal Parajuly

I was very excited when I came across ‘Land Where I Flee’ by Prajwal Parajuly as it is set in the North East of India, a region which even today is on the periphery of India’s mainstream.  This region is blessed with handicrafts, traditional dances, comforting food and humble people. However for some reason, it is the separatist movements in the region that have gained greater media coverage. I wish I knew more people from this part of India as it would have been enriching to gain further insight into the culture of India’s North East. I must say that ‘Land Where I Flee’ did indeed contribute to a certain extent in helping me satiate this curiosity. I say certain extent because it gave me a glimpse into the Nepali community settled in India and considering India’s vast diversity, this merely serves to scratch the surface.
Prajwal Parajuly tells us the story of an old matriarch Chitralekha, who lives in a house atop one of many hills in Gangtok, Sikkim and her grandchildren who live ac…

Love Across A Broken Map - The Whole Kahani

(Members of the Whole Kahani Top left to right: Kavita Jindal, Mona Dash, C.G. Menon, Farah Yusuf;  Bottom left to right: Reshma Ruia, Shibani Lal, Radhika Kapur)

‘Love Across A Broken Map’ by The Whole Kahani, (a group of writers of South Asian origin based in London) is a beautiful anthology of short stories that come together to create a harmonious symphony of the theme underlying each narration – Love.
I was very pleased to have attended the book launch on 26th May 2016 at the Nehru Centre, London. Meeting some of the authors was a wonderful experience and hearing them read from their work, lent the stories a genuine voice.
The first thought that came to my mind upon finishing this book was that the stories are refreshing in that you are not met with human experience heavily cloaked in the garb of cultural symptoms like identity or immigration; rather you are warmly greeted by the very universal emotion of love in its various avatars. The Whole Kahani has done well in challenging the…