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A Change of Heart - Sonali Dev

‘A Change of Heart’ – I instantly made a judgement that this book was perhaps a romantic novel by an Indian author. And yes, I realised I was completely wrong as soon as I read the synopsis.
The synopsis of the book gave me an indication of it being a semi-thriller and to the delight of my Desi soul, it also appeared to have all the elements of a Bollywood movie – Two lead characters with difficult pasts, Mumbai’s underworld and an organ donation scandal! I hoped that the book would be fast paced and to be fair, I wasn’t entirely disappointed.
Dr Nic Joshi is our main protagonist who at the beginning of the book is an alcoholic doctor aboard a cruise ship. He is grieving the loss of his wife and their unborn child when in a drunken stupor he comes across a lady who eerily resembles his wife. This is Jess Koirala a member of the cruise ship’s dance troupe who claims that she has had a heart transplant and the heart is none other than Nic’s wife’s, Jen’s ! Together Nic and Jess try and …