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Ladies Coupe - Anita Nair

‘Ladies Coupe’- The title itself conjures up feelings of warmth and intimacy. An image of a safe haven where one can freely divulge one’s secrets maybe? Anita Nair artfully feeds the female soul and teases the male ego with a plot which is not devoid of feminist undercurrents.

Our protagonist is Akhilandeswari (aka Akhila) who is a 45 year old spinster on a train journey in a ladies only compartment. Her final destination is a place called Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. Or is ‘final destination’ a metaphor for where she is ultimately headed to in life at large? Akhila meets five different women during the course of her journey and each of them reveals to her their personal story. It is through each story that Akhila seeks answers to questions in her own life.

Traditional Indian culture, whether you like it or not views a woman’s contribution to society on the basis of the role(s) she plays during different stages of her life – daughter, sister, daughter in law, mother, mo…