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Three Daughters of Eve - Elif Shafak

There are writers and then there are storytellers. Elif Shafak would gracefully glide into the latter. A storyteller for sure and a captivating one at that! I had received this book for review by Penguin a few months ago and it has taken me a while to put my thoughts to paper. I suppose I was fearful of not being able to do justice to the sheer brilliance of this novel. The book is set in Istanbul, Turkey and Oxford, England. The manner in which the story flits between two locations and two different points in time has been presented so beautifully that at no point do you feel confused or overwhelmed. The story revolves around Peri who at present is a rich housewife in Istanbul. An encounter with a thief reveals a photograph from her past and this takes us back to Peri’s days in Oxford University, her life as a student and the intense relationships she enters into especially her relationship with one Professor Azur. This professor seems to live on the periphery of the acceptable no…

The Nothing - Hanif Kureishi

Have you ever thought about what goes on in the minds of the elderly who don’t have much to look forward to and all that truly makes a difference to their lives is the care and affection from those they hold dear? And what happens when they perceive to have not received this love, which is “rightfully” theirs, or even worse, they feel it is being given to someone else? ‘The Nothing’ by Hanif Kureishi has the power to affect you not only because of its theme i.e. an apparently helpless, suspicious old man grappling with illness and insecurity but also because of Kureishi’s characteristic writing style which is packed with dark humour, sarcasm and even erudite crudeness. At the centre of the story is our protagonist Waldo, an elderly gentleman ridden with health issues –physical at first but then as the story progresses one wonders whether the mind is truly bereft of illness. Waldo, a filmmaker in his younger days, lives in the heart of London with his wife Zee, who is much younger tha…