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The Copenhagen Affair - Amulya Malladi

This is my fourth encounter with Amulya Malladi’s work and it has been quite as enjoyable as the first three times. Through ‘The Copenhagen Affair’, Malladi has brought to fore a mental illness that is often brushed under the carpet – depression. However, it is not a melancholic rendition of the illness rather an insight into a woman’s self awareness and self discovery as she attempts to come to terms with the changes in her life. Along with depression, some light is also shed upon anxiety as a mental condition and how it is ignored and unrecognised whilst it continues to play havoc with the daily life of the sufferer.

The novel begins in California with the protagonist Sanya a financial consultant who appears to be suffering from depression after a particularly stressful incident at work. As a “remedy” her husband Harry suggests they move to Copenhagen as he believes a change of scene will help her recovery. The reader is also made aware of Sanya’s over achieving Indian immigrant par…