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The Faces of Strangers - Pia Padukone

Reading about other cultures has always fascinated me. I remember, even as a child I used to look forward to this programme called ‘My Beautiful House’ on the Discovery Kids channel where one was given a brief summary of life in another culture specifically food, clothes, practices etc. The content was of course tailor made to suit children. Anthropology as a subject interested me in college but I didn’t pursue it for one reason or another. It has however remained a focal point of personal interest leading me to seek out not just books but also related media. ‘The Faces of Strangers’ by Pia Padukone appealed to me for this very reason as it gave me the opportunity to gain insight into a different culture. The book revolves around a student exchange programme between America and Estonia. I loved reading about Estonia – its natural beauty, food, economic crises and its historical relations with the then Soviet Union. The culture was beautifully drawn out through the Estonian characters …